Medical support is provided to more than 100 critically ill patients in Purba Midnapore.


Criticall ill patients with no access to modern medical facilities including routine medical examination and testing are provided support through high-quality medical check-ups in their own village.


Below Poverty Line (BPL) Patients are provided with free-medicine, blood tests and ECG Scans. High number of patients are suffering from diabetes, arthritis, high-blood pressure, cancer, gastro-disesases, thalassemia etc. If the treatment is not possible in Purba Midnapore due to non-availability of trained doctors or hospitals, the patients are transferred to kolkata for further treatment. The medical camps are held in our clinic once every month and the follow up tests are scheduled every 3 months. There is no primary health care facility in 30 Kms radius of the villages.

Educational: Harekrishna Nursery

Harekrishna Nursery and ICT Training Center was started in 2017 to provide computer based education from early learning stages.


KiranBala Foundation has started Harekrishna Nursery and a ICT Training Center for rural youth and children to provide them with world-class training. These youth can improve their employability skills by learning about the latest technologies and programming techniques.


The other objective of the ICT training is to take the knowledge and information available on internet to the rural youth and children. This will provide them with a level-playing field with the urban youth in terms of access to information and thus reduce the gap in digital divide.


Finally, we provide free support services to students and underprivileged to fill up online application forms, e-governance documents, electronic payments, print-outs and office administration. The staff and faculty of this training center are drawn from the qualified youth in the nearby villages.

Initial Phase

There are several initiatives in the development phase that can create sustainable impact on the levelihood of underprivileged. We are actively seeking resources and funding for these intiatives to reach the development targets.

Soil Testing Laboratory


Soil testing is the base for management decisions about fertilizer requirements. It involves the estimation and evaluation of the available nutrient status and acidic reaction of a sample of soil.


After testing, a fertility map is prepared where the available nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium is marked as low, medium or high. Areas of sufficient and insufficient nutrients are marked out and nutritional requirements are determined. Fertilizers such as NPK, lime or gypsum are recommended to improve soil fertility.

Blood Testing Laboratory


Blood testing is the single most important preventive tool you can use to help head off health problems. Our Lab makes it possible to take advantage of high-quality testing at a fraction of the cost commercial blood labs charge.


We support to identify potential disease risks. Test for specific problems with comprehensive blood test panels and individualized tests like these:


Male and Female Comprehensive Panels

Cardiac Risk Factors

Vitamin Deficiencies

Hormone and Thyroid Panels

Metabolic and Chemistry Profiles

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